Halp Wanted: Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Sex Tape

Mimi Sex Tape


I wouldn’t wish a life with Stevie J on anybody, but today’s news has me wondering if his former love/mother of his child, Mimi Faust, hasn’t found a way to do much worse.

TMZ reports that the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Faust and her odd choice in a boyfriend, Nikko,  are “co-starring” in a hardcore sex tape.  Click HERE for the full kettle of tea.

This is an act that simultaneously screams “we need attention,” and “who will cut us a check?”  The answer to the latter appears to be Vivid Entertainment, the entity that brought us (ahem) Backdoor Teen Mom aka Farrah “I Didn’t-Learn-Jack-Squat-from-my-MTV-Teen Mom Experience” Abrams.

But back to Mimi and Nikko: It was bad enough that they both appeared in Nikko’s “NY 2 LA,” a cheap-looking, widely-mocked piece of trash that has since seemingly vanished from the Interwebs?  Catch some of the screenshots HERE.

Mimikko, y’all ought to be ashamed.

Somewhere, Steebie J is making this face.