Halp Wanted: Lil Boosie “Baby” Turns Up


Rapper Lil Boosie is out of jail.

I wasn’t aware folks were on pins and needles like it was Nelson Mandela being freed from prison.  Mr. Boosie Bad Azz wasn’t exactly up in there for jaywalking and he isn’t exactly on my list of top rappers, but clearly there was some excitement in the air.

And I am not here to judge those who are celebrating….well…maybe some of them.

Namely, whomever let this little girl, who is being described as Boosie’s daughter get up on someone’s video camera and scream the n-word about 200 hundred times in exhilaration about her daddy’s release.

There is absolutely no excuse for this.  Not only is it the poorest of poor form, it is part of an epidemic facing social media where people think it’s cute for kids to curse and look crazy while their questionable parents snicker in the background.

Please stop.

This isn’t adorable.  It’s not exciting.  And it only serves to underscore that we need to do better in educating our kids.  For fools who think this is limited to one culture, sit down.  There are babies of multiple hues out here looking reckless.

Give your kid a chance at a future.  Turn the cameras off and read them a book.