Halp Wanted: Axl Rose Greatest Vocalist?

In the name of all that is good and holy in the world, I am going to need these chart-makers who claim Axl Rose has the greatest vocal range of all time to sit their entire arses down.

And once they sit, they need to strap into seatbelts, recline and take much-needed, brain cell-restoring naps.

Are they serious with this foolishness here? Click HERE to see how these crazy piano keys and blue bars are somehow supposed to add up to the Guns n’ Roses frontman besting the likes of Mariah Carey, Prince and for goodness’ sakes, Whitney Houston, for such an honor.

I cannot. Will not. Will never.

I love GNR music more than a little bit and Axl Rose can body roll like nobody’s business, but this here…  This isn’t his designation.

Who do you think had the greatest range?  Weigh in via comments.  I’m just too done to type another word.