Watch: Halle Berry’s Worst Nightmare

A parent’s worst nightmare is the thought of losing a child. To actually witness your child being taken, is enough to make a heart stop.

That’s exactly what Halle Berry is experiencing in her latest action thriller, Kidnap.

In the trailer, Halle is seen sitting on a bench observing her son on the playground as they engage in a game of “Marco, Polo” – the verbal hide-n-seek.

But the inner-alarm is set off once she calls “Marco” and her son doesn’t respond. After moments of calling out for “Frankie”, she turns to others in the park. Then, she sees her son being snatched and pulled into a torquoise vehicle as she’s running toward him.

From that moment on, this mama will stop at nothing to get her child back.

Watch the intense trailer below:

A release date has yet to be confirmed for Kidnap.