Hail to the Chief: Kid President Speaks

You’ve seen his YouTube series and you’ve heard his pep talk, but now 10-year-old Robby Novak, aka Kid President, is coming to a TV screen near you!

The pint-sized “president” is debuting his new series, Kid President: Declaration of Awesome, on the Hub Network. The series is set to premiere Saturday, June 21 at 7 p.m. ET/6 p.m. CT.

Each episode will feature celebrity guest stars, such as Jamie Foxx, Kevin Costner, Mario Lopez and more. More importantly, the series aims to inspire kids and adults “to do awesome things that make a difference in the world.”

Keep reading to find out what the 10-year-old has to say about meeting President Obama, kissing Beyonce and more!

JET: Congratulations on your new series! What can fans expect from your new show?

Kid President: There’s going to be a lot of awesome stuff. I get to talk to smart adults and they give me advice. But we also get to talk about a lot of really cool kids that are doing awesome things in their community.

JET: And why should people tune in?

KP: We’re making cool stuff! We are excited to do the show on TV because then we are spreading our message to be awesome, be kind, and create awesome stuff to more people. Brad taught me that it is important to share the stories of awesome people. And we like working with really cool people.

JET: You’ve interviewed quite a few celebrities! Who has been your favorite so far and why?

KP: I kissed Beyonce! That was awesome. I also talked to Pen Ward who creates my favorite show, Adventure Time. He was funny.

JET: What was it like meeting President Obama?

KP: President Obama is awesome. He was really nice and even showed me around his whole office! I even got to sit behind his desk. It was so awesome!

JET: One of your philosophies is “treat everybody like it’s their birthday.” Why do you think that’s important?

KP: Because everyone deserves a cupcake. Every day. Life is hard. But we can make it better.

JET: What do you want viewers to take away from your show?

KP: I want people to be inspired. And Brad [Montague, co­-creator of Kid President, and Robby’s brother-­in-­law] and I are just trying to encourage people to make the world better.

JET: Do you plan to run for president one day? If so, what would be your first order of business?

KP: If I were president, every piece of mail would be mailed with a corn dog.