Arsenio’s ‘Greatest Hits’ Takes it to ‘MotownPhilly’

Greatest Hits, Arsenio Hall’s latest take on primetime TV, welcomes Kim Fields and the fellas of R&B group Boyz II Men to the show.

Thursday night’s episode will celebrate the career and legacy of Boyz II Men with a performance of their hit single, “MotownPhilly,” which opened the doors and propelled the group to a successful career.

Adding a fun surprise to the segment, Kim Fields, who appeared in the group’s “On Bended Knee” video, makes a guest appearance.

“It was great to be invited to participate in the show and celebrate Boyz II Men’s ‘greatest’ hits,” Fields said in a press release sent to JET. “Being part of the Boyz II Men segment was awesome! Not only did they look and sound great, but those dudes put on an amazing show! It was like we were all transported back to the 90s, just having a great time.”

The night time fun doesn’t slow down there though. EnVogue, Montel Jordan, Seal, Alessia Cara, Bonnie Rait and Andra Day will also hit the stage to perform.

Tune-in to ABC, Thursday at 9pm EST/8pm CST.