Good Times 2.0!

Kenya Barris, creator of hit show black-ish, has been tapped to pen the script for Good Times, the 1970s cult-classic series that gave voice to the impoverished struggles of a family navigating life in Chicago’s projects during the 1960s.

Good Times, which aired on CBS from 1974-1979, is a staple in the Black community as it highlighted the truths of inner-city living during a turbulent political and social time in society. Centered in the Chicago projects, the show also depicted the comical essence of the Black family – bonds built through struggle and dealt with through laughter.

Sony locked in the deal and while Barris is busying his writing hand, Scott Rudin and Eli Bush are set to produce the film.

Take a trip down memory lane, below!

We’ll keep you updated with film details as they become available!