GoFundMe Started for Suge Knight

Supporters of Suge Knight have launched a GoFundMe campaign to help bail the Death Row Records pioneer out of prison. The “Help Bail Out Suge Knight Fund” was created by KJ Simpson two days after Knight was involved in a hit-and-run that left one man dead in Compton, California.

Since its inception on Jan. 31, $0 of Simpson’s $202,500 goal has been raised. “Suge is in Lockup for a simple misunderstanding,” the site states. “Please help put together the $202,500 to help get him out. If we fall short we will just put the money on his books. please help.”

Several comments on the site’s page include expletives towards Knight. Some question the validity of the funding.

Tina Hagemann 5 mins ago

Bout time Suge finally gets what he deserves after everything he’s done to so many people why should we bail him out? This is hilarious. He deserves to rot in prison until he dies.

Trae Williams 13 mins ago

What in Sam hell nation!!! Guess he should have saved up some of those royalty check from vanilla ice! He can kick rocks with no shoe’s. Nobody got time for that! And you sure as hell won’t get any of my funds!

Montrell Martin 17 days ago

I’d set my money on fire first.

Evalyn McKay Bumpers 2 months ago

Nice try to for whoever is trying to do this scam to get money your a dumb ass

Knight’s bail is currently $25 million.

Cue Ashton Kutcher because this has to be a joke.