Beyonce to Introduce ‘Glory’ at the Grammys

Common and John Legend are still basking in the glow of their Golden Globe win for the collaborative single, “Glory”  off of the Selma soundtrack.  As a bonus, Com also played a role in the film.

Gearing up for a moment on the Grammy stage, the Chicago native describes his excitement about his first performance at the Grammys to RollingStone.

“It’s the Grammy stage so we’re going to deliver some of the best performances we ever had. Expect the spirit of what the movie is about, the spirit of what the movement is about, and the spirit of what ‘Glory’ is about.”

It will be a moment to which Common will once again bring forth a message to every eye watching and ear listening.

Adding to the anticipation, the emcee-actor reveals that Beyoncé will be be introducing both him and John Legend.

And it won’t be the normal talking-head intro, Mrs. Carter will take to the stage singing, “Precious Lord,” (known as one of Martin Luther King’s favorites) and then segue into “Glory.”


The 57th Annual Grammy Awards air Sunday, Feb. 8, 5pm PST on CBS.