Glenn Lewis Returns to Music

The wait is finally over as Canadian R&B singer/songwriter Glenn Lewis makes his return with his highly anticipated album titled Moment of Truth.

Dressed in all black when he visited our Chicago office, Lewis was jovial and even treated the Johnson Publishing staff to an a cappella version of his new single, “Can’t Say Love.” Check out the video below.

You may remember Lewis from his 2002 hit “Don’t You Forget It,” which propelled his debut album, World Outside My Window, to number four on the Billboard charts. And then he seemingly vanished from the music industry.

But rest assured, he wasn’t resting on his laurels during his musical hiatus. In this interview, Lewis gives us the scoop on his lengthy absence, his new album and what’s in store for the future.

JET: Tell us about who you were when you first began to sing?

Glenn Lewis: Singing never really became a passion until I was 14 years old and I wrote my first song because I liked this girl. She was older then me so I figured it would be different since everyone else came with their little poems or gave her candy and she was one of the prettiest girls in the school. I didn’t end up getting the girl but I fell in love with music and expressing myself that way. When I turned 16 I got real serious with it and never looked back. I’m a bit of a perfectionist too so I began listening to who I felt was the best of the best.

JET: How have you evolved as an artist?

GL: I put so much emphasis on wanting to excel as a vocalist. So as a competitor, I always strived to be one of the best male vocalists in the game. I can hear it and people who have known me my whole life are like ‘man dude, it’s crazy to see your growth.’ More importantly I feel I’ve evolved spiritually and intellectually. All the experiences I’ve had in the game with traveling, meeting different people, experiencing different cultures and different foods have all contributed to that.

JET: Who do you feel is your biggest competitor in the industry?

GL: Me. Striving to be better than I was yesterday on any level. I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied because I’m a little hard on myself.

JET: What happened after the success of the first album?

GL: I’ve always been proactive and working on music but with downloading, things changed. As a result, a lot of labels started to consolidate and pretty much all the people who were responsible for my first album were gone. Sony brought in new people, but they had their own vision for what they wanted to do. Since someone has had a certain level of success with me, they don’t want to build up someone else’s vision; they would rather have their own new artist. So you kind of get lost in that. I eventually had to just leave Epic and decided to go back home to Canada. After two failed attempts to get some music surfaced, I figured it just wasn’t my time until 2009. I reconnected with the producers of my first album and in 2010 I met the guys of Ruffhouse Records to sign the deal and now I’m here.

JET: What can fans expect from this new album?

GL: The album is entitled “Moment of Truth” and I came up with it while talking to one of the producers about the process going into this. It’s something about the truth and your story that resonates with people. I really wanted to make something special and have it be an experience for people. I wanted each track to be a conversation piece so each song should capture a moment of truth. Funny enough, it also lends it self to the fact that I been gone for awhile so it’s sort of an “Okay buddy, moment of truth” thing.  People also will notice some similarity to my first album with this one.

JET: There are a lot of love songs on the album.  Is it dedicated to someone in particular?

GL: Not anyone specifically right now. It’s more just a speaking from experience. I’ve been in a situation where people have been there for me ‘just because,’ so I dedicated that friendship to the song “Up and Down.” “Better with Time” is sort of my hopes for what I want when I find that one… sort of my wishful thinking. But most of the themes are based on my perceptions of love or the experiences I have had in relationships.

JET: Are you looking for that ‘one’ right now?

You know they say you really shouldn’t look, but I got friends. (laughs) ’m not leading anyone astray or anything. I’m just chilling.

JET: So what does the future hold for you?

Well I can definitely say I don’t plan on disappearing from music for as long as I did before. But just continuing to make music and maybe help an artist here and there on their path and career. I started doing work in Toronto giving back to the community to bring about change. But really the sky’s the limit. Since I’m a big movie buff, who knows? Maybe I’ll get an opportunity to show up in something. Believe it or not, I have already started recording my next album and got a lot of shows lined up so I’m about to hit the road.


Check out a sample of Glenn Lewis’ latest and learn more about the artist right HERE.  You can also follow him at @beingglennlewis , and don’t you forget it!