Glaciers of Ice: 5 Best Ghostface Killah Songs

Yeah, drama sells.  I know that’s why one of my favorite artists of all time, the Ghostface Killah, aka GFK, aka Pretty Toney is ruling the Interwebs with his creative array of threats against vocal doppelganger and occasional ingrate, Action Bronson.

But let’s take advantage of this pop culture moment to take a look back at why GFK is a star and has been placed on so many Top MCs of All Time list.  Here is a handful of my all-time favorite Ghostface and Ghostface-related smashes and I’m guessing Action Bronson (whom I also like, for the record) enjoys these too. Earbuds in, as he doesn’t mince words.

(By the way, GFK/Adrian Younge’s Twelve Reasons to Die Part II, is out for your aural enjoyment._ Don’t hurt ’em, Ghost.

1. “Cobra Clutch”

Lyrics are in a death grip in this pulsating, distorted sample-sliding masterpiece.

2. “Run”

An escape from the authorities chronicled with the help of Jadakiss.  Well worth working up a sweat.

3. “Daytona 500”

GFK does his lyrical laps in this one.  And the use of old-school anime, Speed Racer.  Classic material.

4. “Glaciers of Ice”

Cold-blooded lyricism. Check. Raekwon on deck. Check.  Freeze yourself if you aren’t a fan.

5. “Camay”

Ghostface waffles between being romantic and raunchy, with a definite side of he-man woman haters’ club but on this song he is solidly on a cake mission.  Fellas, take note.  **swoons**

What did I miss? Share your GFK faves in comments!