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“The Haves and the Have Nots” Star On Faith

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Crystal Fox stars in The Haves and The Have Nots,  one of the hottest shows on cable network, and she’s loving it!

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Credit: OWN

“The role of Hanna is a confirmation from God. It renewed my faith in myself and in God to say what you do is of value—hands down, I know that God loves me,” exclaimed Fox. The love has fans tweeting about the show from coast to coast “I am glad it’s well received—it was a miraculous wonderful experience for my whole life,” shared Fox who thought she had missed out. “I had driven across country to Oregon for a play at the Shakespearean Theater. I went right before my birthday on New Year Day and was supposed to start working on the 3rd.  My friend, T.C. Carson, from Living Single rode with me and literally on my birthday, I got a callback to L.A. for an audition that I did in August or October for the show,” she said.

The former In the Heat of the Night star believes landing the role was divine, “I flew to Oregon and none of my clothes were there so I felt under dressed—but I was sure of this character. This is why I know when something is meant for you—it’s meant for you. There were hundreds of people and they all looked beautiful. Everything that I felt was not enough, God said you are enough,” said Fox. “It’s the birthday gift that keeps on giving.”

“My character is filled with unconditional love and is not holier than thou. Hanna is very human—a real woman with a blue collar job, real problems and natural hair—which you don’t see on TV, but she doesn’t tolerate foolishness,” shared the North Carolina native. Her flawless portrayal has viewers hooked on every word and prayer, “One person said: I hate to admit I love to watch the show. They come directly to me and say you know you look just like a lady named Hanna or they hear my voice and freak out. They tell me how they love me and then begin to reprimand saying—you have got to forgive your daughter,” said Fox, who is also the niece of the late Nina Simone. “First if they are that excited and passionate that means I did my job; if you don’t see me (Crystal Fox) and flat out believe that I’m this woman from down the street…that means I did my job.”

In addition to the success of the drama, “The cast loves each other and Tyler Perry—he’s giving and just amazing to work with. Mr. Perry was so excited about me and made me feel very confident and strong as a television actor. He said you all are these characters. I want you to live in them—whatever you feel these characters need…I want you to do that.” A life changing experience was meeting Lady O.  “The third day on the set Oprah showed up and all I could think of—I had no make up on. She was standing next to Tyler and you just appreciated how powerful God can make individuals,” she recalled.

Being on stage hasn’t always been easy, “I have been acting for 30 something years and people have no idea what it costs,” she said. It wasn’t overnight—there are highs and lows…it’s a blessing and a moment from God.” The advice Fox shares with upcoming actors is: “Remember why you got into it…I got through the hard times because this was something I couldn’t do without. Think of the moments that got you from one point to the other—if they ever happen, they can happen again as long as your desire is still there.”

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