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Tasha Cobbs: A Vessel of Praise

Tasha Cobbs is the “voice” of worship and continues to use herself as a “vessel of praise.”

“I feel amazing,” she shares. “It has been an amazing journey to see God and what He does and will do through a willing vessel.”

Amid the tremendous success of her debut album Grace, the three-time Stellar, Dove and Grammy Award winner remains focused and ministry minded.

“I am a country girl. I have no choice to be humble,” Cobbs says. “If I ever think to get the big head—I just think I’m from Jessup, Georgia.”

Although the Motown Gospel singer’s powerful vocals were heard on VaShawn Mitchell’s “Nobody Greater” andWilliam Murphy’s “Chasing After You,” Cobbs was born to sing.

“My family sings, my mom and cousins—we were made to sing from a baby,” she says. Her ministry gifts are in full effect as Minister of Worship at dReam Center Church of Atlanta as well as the worship leader for the young adult division for the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship under Bishop Paul S. Morton.

We caught up with Cobbs as she prepares for her live recording on October 13 at Redemption Church in Greenville, South Carolina. She talked about the struggle of losing her father (Bishop Fritz Cobbs), the importance of being faithful and how she gets refilled after ministering to millions.

JET: After pouring out in ministry—how do you get replenished?

Tasha Cobbs: I love that you asked that. First of all, I am a faithful minister of my church. Even though I’m around the world, I log in online to get in the Word—that’s how we get filled every week where we serve.

Along with that, there were times I would see breakthroughs and I would be at the hotel tired. My father passed away the day after the Stellar Awards, but ministry continued. Maybe two weeks later, I was back on the stage ministering to God’s people and I was tired and grieving. I was ministering and was hurt. I became transparent with the audience and said “…this is where I am right now. Even though you need my ministry, I need God to fill me up right now.’

God spoke to me and said “Tasha, I can fill you with my presence, too—you can be refilled.” So now when I worship, I worship so the presence of God can fill me. Yes, it’s about the people, but it’s also, I need this moment for God to fill me again.

JET: “Break Every Chain” has became a church anthem. How do that come about?

TC: The song was written by Will Regan. He released it through a group before and I heard that album and played it all night. The same affect that it has on people when I minister around the world, it had on me. I can relate to chains being broken every time I minister from that place.

JET: To whom or what do you attribute your success?

TC: My answer is still yes, God do what you do. Along with that comes the ups and down. You have to go through some things so that God can mature you and trust you with the things that He gives you.

Also perseverance. Sometimes you have to work your way through. Don’t stop where you are or you will be stuck in the middle of the mess. Go through the clutter. If God did it before for anybody, He will do it again. Persevere be consistent where you are—be faithful in ministry. Don’t stop working in ministry. Sometimes we give—give—give, but be faithful and you will be replenished.

JET: What’s next for you?

TC: We are doing some writing to prepare for our next recording. It’s going to be a live recording. I lost my father and through seasons like that, God downloads songs. There are people around the world who need that same peace that I was given. So there are songs that God has given me just to bless the Worshipper.

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