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Sheri Jones-Moffett on ‘Power & Authority’

Sheri Jones-Moffett is reminding everyone of your Power & Authority. After being Renewed, the former lead vocalist of the Tri-City Singers released her sophomore project on Motown Gospel entitled Power and Authority—Live in Memphis!

The album produced two Billboard Top 20 singles “Shine” and “Faith to Believe.” Power & Authority is produced by Grammy award-winning producer and labelmate Myron Butler.

The recent Dove Award nominee talks about working with Donald Lawrence, teaming up again with Ted of their duo, Ted & Sheri, and more.

JET: Do you still sing with Donald Lawrence?

Sheri Jones-Moffet: I do…I just did a date with him a couple of months ago. He’s one of my best friends and he’s been my mentor for the past 17 years. I don’t make a move without him. He can call me and say, I just need you to come and sing in the corner. He just takes the opportunity—it means something for him for the people who come from him. He wants us to do better. It’s from making a phone call to giving advice. Everybody has the same temperament that comes from his camp—it’s because he’s got his hands in our back.

JET: Have you worked with Ted lately?

SJM: We haven’t done anything in quite a while, but we are going to do a record together at some point, not sure when that is because he’s got his hands in a few things. He’s jetsetting and doing his music management business and he’s doing another record—which will be out very soon. He’s managing songwriter and managing publishing agreements and such, but we’re going to do something very soon.

JET: What was the inspiration for the title Power & Authority?

SJM: I titled it that because power is your ability to do a thing …it’s the juice. When you plug something into an outlet there’s power behind it. Authority is your right to do that. Sometimes we sing and teach about the thing we need to do live out the most. So write about the thing we do the most. I happen to have been in a season where I gave my power away. I lost my power and forgot who I was. I wanted to sing about it so I could hear what said and see what I believed. You will get that message loud and clear from track A to Z.

I covered a couple of tunes from the Thompson Community singers—”There is No Failure.” I sang that song when I was a little girl and it fits the power and authority theme and I wanted to cover it. The Tommies were such a classic choir—one of my favorite choirs ever. Donald suggested that I do it…and I said you’re right—I’m going to do it. I did cover Rev. JC White—“Keys to the Kingdom.”

JET: What’s your favorite song on the album?

SJM: Right now my favorite song is probably “Shine” and a song called called “Discovery,” which a young writer wrote for me. The more you define a thing, the more you stop searching for it. There are so many things about God that we have yet to learn and yet to know. So, when you keep searching, the more you keep discovering. The more I know Him, the more I want to know Him.

In other Giving You the Gospel news:

Major Congrats to Motown Gospel artists Tye Tribbett, Micah Stampley and Sheri-Jones Moffett for six GMA Dove Award nominations.

Tribbett received three nominations for Contemporary Gospel/Urban Album of the Year (Greater Than – Live), Contemporary Urban Gospel Song of the Year (“If He Did It Before…Same God”), and Gospel Performance of the Year (“If He Did It Before . . . Same God”). Micah Stampley received two nominations for Contemporary Gospel/Urban Album of the Year (Love Never Fails), and Contemporary Urban Gospel Song of the Year (“Our God”). Sheri Jones – Moffett received a nomination for Contemporary Gospel/Urban Album of the Year (Power & Authority – Live in Memphis). For more info visit

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