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Each week, JET is Giving You the Gospel with our newest series.  Check out a spotlight on a dynamic pastor or preacher, plus get a round-up of  what’s going on with entertainers and singers who are glorifying God.  If you have any story ideas or item ideas for us, please send it to


Credit: Dartise Photography

Credit: Dartise Photography

Music, inspiration and a hardy dose of laughter is why listeners set their alarms each day for the John Hannah Morning Show. The addiction for Chicago’s funny man was evident as the show received the highest ratings ever on the station. “I love radio—I loved what I did,” shared the Stellar Award winner for Announcer of the Year. “I don’t think I’m a comedian—I’m just a real person—I say what people think. Radio was entertainment and ministry—when I get in the pulpit it’s strictly ministry—Christ is the center,” said Hannah, who recently celebrated his 50th birthday. Last September, the morning host retired his headphones and said ‘baby bye’ before he stepped into full time ministry. His resignation posted on Facebook went viral“To everything there is a season. I want to be the first to say that I am appreciative for 13 years I have done radio. No, I did not get fired and yes, this was my personal business and spiritual decision.”

For nearly 10 years, Hannah chose to walk in the spirit and unselfishly pour into New Life Covenant and God supernaturally increased with over 22,000 members, “71 percent are less than 35 years old,” he said. “Sunday service is strictly worship and word. Our church is really focused to go after the lost. If a church focused on going after the lost, every church could be filled. But at the same time, the church must be prepared to receive the lost…that’s my number one priority,” expressed the Founder of John F. Hannah ministries. The anointed mega-Pastor describes the church as, “Very energetic and high-spirited that’s been able to capture this generation and present them to the glory of God. If you have a glory experience—your life will never be the same.” Each week is an amazing experience to witness hundreds of men and women race to the altar yielding to an atmosphere of total praise, “Instead of coming with your hands out—ready to receive—you come with your hands lifted to give. When you constantly build God up—He inhabits the praises of His people and will sit in your presence,” he said. Also, another key lesson learned as Shepherd over the flock is “You must be among the people to see what they are going through and be able to feel them; ahead—to prepare the way for them since a pastor is a leader; above them in the spirit—you have to go up to the mountain and listen to God to prepare the way.”

This year promises to be the year of greater as he and lovely wife, Anna, will celebrate 21 years of marriage. Also, the church which has mid-week bible study in two locations and four Sunday services is slated to break ground for a 5,000-seat sanctuary this year. You’re invited to learn more about the ministry, the service times as well as stream their services live at


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Bishop Noel Jones, Deitrick Haddon, Pastor Ron Wilson, Pastor Wayne Chaney and Bishop Clarence McClendon are ready for season two of the Preachers of L.A.  The cast became infamous after a bold display of their lavish lifestyles and blessings. Bishop Clarence McClendon said, “When people asked Jesus where he lived…they were interested in things other than miracles and Jesus said to come and see.”

Several pastors and critics around the country called for a boycott of the show.  Even Bishop TD Jakes’ video went viral when he addressed his congregation about “…watching that junk on TV…not one dime of your money bought will be used to buy me a shiny suit or pay for my house.” However, obviously after 1.1 million watching on Wednesday nights, Oxygen network quickly deemed the show a huge smash despite the doubters.

During a luncheon with Haddon, Haizlip and Wilson, the Pastors were adamant their sole purpose for participating in the show was to promote the kingdom as well as remind others that pastors are regular people with problems in or outside the pulpit.  Bishop Ron Wilson shared,  “My primary goal is to use the show as a tool to continue witnessing to former gang members and show them their life can change like God changed mine.” Executive Producer—P.K. (Preacher’s Kid) Holly Carter, will know what to look for and the team plans to expand the series. Next stops for more spiritual leaders will be New York, Atlanta, Detroit and Dallas—also, season two of Preachers of L.A. plans to air this fall.


This event featured some of the best in gospel including Mary Mary, Natalie Grant, Donnie McClurkin, Tamela Mann and the NFL Player’s Choir—consisting of former professional football players. The praise fest also headlined Lady Patti LaBelle—no doubt folk were blessed and it felt like heaven. By the way—congrats to the Seattle Seahawks!

CONDOLENCES TO COBBS FAMILY  On a sad note—a few days after Tasha Cobbs’ three Stellar wins—the gospel’s sweetheart lost her father, Bishop Fritz Cobbs. The Pastor of Jesup New Life Ministries, Inc, in Jesup, Georgia passed away suddenly after attending the gospel music awards show in support of his daughter. Our prayers continue for Tasha and the family.

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