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Giving You the Gospel: Ricky Dillard

America’s Choirmaster and legendary gospel recording artist, Ricky Dillard, is all smiles as “Amazing” continues to top the gospel music charts.

“I’m just overwhelmed,” shared Dillard. “I’m blown by the season of recompense—which means payback. I had no clue that God would get me to 25 years and give me a payment in a revival such as He’s done,” shared the Light Records/eOne Music artist.

As “Amazing” enters 2015 with a bang, the favorite track penned by Tiffany Joy McGhee aka Tiff Joy who is also lead vocalist is by far the crowning glory of Dillard’s career. “This is a season to give God glory—the journey hasn’t been easy. There’s been much struggle and pain on the way here. He has shown me his glory before my very eyes. It’s amazing to see the scripture unfold,” commented Dillard.

The popular choir is up for a Grammy and Stellar Award nominations including categories CD of The Year, Traditional Choir and Song of the Year. According to Tiff Joy, “I believe Donald Lawrence heard me singing with Tony Tidwell and later gave it (song) to Ricky.”

With Dillard’s unprecedented success and new found energy, his future looks simply amazing. We spoke with Dillard and Tiff Joy concerning future collaborations and the inspiration for the mega hit that’s been dominating the airwaves and gospel charts for over 27 weeks and counting.

JET: Congrats on your Stellar Award nomination for Song of the Year—what was your inspiration for writing this song?

Tiff Joy: “This song was written over 5 years ago—I was behind my mom after she was studying and I just started writing. Honestly, I don’t want to sound deep, but my inspiration was literally God. Seeing the move of God, seeing His hand and waking up to see the beauty of God in everything. It was my adoration of God.”

JET: How does it feel having a song on the charts for over a half year?

Ricky Dillard: “I’ve been in this industry for 26 years and it doesn’t feel good to see God pass you up and bless your friends. All of your friends are nominated and winning Grammys. They have # 1 songs, # 1 albums, travels and tours. I’m just sitting back doing the regular. To see God give me the same opportunity he has afforded many of my constituents is simply amazing.”

JET: Your style is fast paced and churchy—were you readily open to this song?

RD: “I knew “Amazing” was going to be different for me but I knew that it was going to add to me. The song was put on my desk. When I sat with it while looking through my entire journey. To be here, before we recorded the song and still be here doing our assignment and blessed in the assignment—I attribute this to an Amazing God. I knew the song would be good for our repertoire. I knew it was going to work, but not to this magnitude.

This is a song that exemplifies the manifestation of the glory and the word that has come alive in my life in 26 years.  I have been singing about the scripture the Word of the Lord and His greatness. What he did this time is shown me the manifested glory right before my very eyes.

JET: Last time we spoke, you had contemplated going into retirement—is that still a consideration?

RD: “Why should we quit when I have a revival…why should anything be over when there is a revival…he has revived me, restored and empowered me for kingdom. I feel like I am 30 years old. I am prepared for kingdom right now. We are touring now and want to enjoy the season that God has provided. All the things we have done and going to do is because God has made it possible.”

JET: What next on your agenda?
Tiff Joy: “Last year, I did my own live recording. I held off on the recording to travel with Ricky. Next year, I’m releasing a single and the record as well as sing and write more songs.”

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