Giving You the Gospel

Erica Campbell Dishes On the Future of Mary Mary

Grammy winning gospel artist Erica Campbell is used to wearing multiple hats. As half of the musical duo Mary Mary with her sister Tina Campbell, the wife and mother stepped out on her own in 2014 with the release of Help, which topped Billboard’s Gospel charts and was a hit on radio. Now, the Inglewood, Calif. native has taken on a new challenge: a radio show.

In May, REACH Media launched Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell, a syndicated radio show that broadcasts from 6 am to 10 am from coast-to-coast. The shows is a new experience for Campbell, but it’s right in line with her mission to inspire others.

Recently, JET caught up with the “A Little More Jesus” singer to talk about her new radio show, how she balances family and her booming career, and what’s really going on with Mary Mary.

JET: How’s the radio show going?

Erica Campbell: I’m thoroughly enjoying talking to the people every single morning. We have people who are regulars who are calling for the inspiration and the laughter. We’re kind of opening how people see God through a broader lens. We’ve been stuck in this box of what gospel can be, and what it means to be a Christian, and because He is the God of the world, we should have a broader look at bring a Christian.

JET: Both you and your husband, Warryn Campbell, are in the business. How do you juggle being a wife and mother with your career?

Campbell: We just make it work. I have a lot of great help, and sometimes they travel with me. My husband comes with me, and I’ve been blessed to record at home sometimes. It allows me to still make breakfast for my kids, or dinner, or whatever they want. This week we went to the beach this week and basketball games. We just make it work.

JET: In terms of new music, what’s coming down the pipeline?

Campbell: Mary Mary is absolutely coming up next.

JET: Do we have a date yet? 

Campbell: In 2017. Definitely.

JET: So, Mary Mary as in you and Tina, or…

Campbell: [laughs] Yes, with Tina.

JET: Because I saw your reality show, and things looked a little…

Campbell: Oh, that was off. That wouldn’t have ever happened. Nope. Mary Mary is only Erica and Tina—period.