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Giving You the Gospel: Royce Lovett

26-year-old Royce Lovett believes he was born in the wrong era. The Tallahassee native thinks he should have been born in Detroit during the good ole days, when Motown was launching the career of our favorite Black musicians. But God always has a plan. Royce was recently signed to Motown and is debuting his EP “Writing On the Wall,” October 23rd.  From playing in churches, to bars and clubs, we had a chance to speak to Royce about why he wants his music to be food, instead of liquor.

JET: How does it feel to be signed to a historical label that gave a lot of Black musicians their start?

Royce Lovett: It’s a phenomenal feeling. It really is. Funny story: When I was younger and finding my voice, I used to sit around campfires and say things like “I think I was born in the wrong era. I think I should have been born in Detroit, so I could walk down to Motown and give them my CD.” It’s funny, because I was joking around. I did my whole Indie career and never shopped a label, but Motown called me. It’s mind blowing.

JET: We had a chance to listen to a few of your songs. Your sound is very eclectic and unique. Do you identify with calling yourself a “gospel artist?”

Royce Lovett: People have been telling me what lane I belong in my whole career. I’ve given up trying to figure it out, and I just continue to make music. I figured my gift would make room. I have a hard time in the Christian realm, because of the box they put us in. When I was younger, I used to strictly do gospel hip-hop, but I felt like God told me to “Write for those who know & to those who don’t.” That changed the focus in my music. Yes, I have a hard time calling myself a gospel artist, because I feel like people put a stamp on you when they hear gospel. I just call myself a singer/songwriter, because who I am is who I am. If I’m a Christian, it’s going to shine through my music. If I’m a womanizer, it’s going to shine through my music. If I’m an alcoholic, it’s going to shine through my music. I just let my music be food, instead of liquor.

JET: What’s your favorite song on your EP Writing On the Wall?

Royce Lovett: My favorite song is “Writing On the Wall,” because it means the most to me. Especially with what’s happening in the world right now. The song talks about being unapologetic.

JET: When will you be on tour?

Royce Lovett: I’m currently on tour…the “Writing on the Wall” tour.  We’re still booking dates for it, in addition to the 25 cities we have. We’re playing big venues, but we’re also playing in living rooms, which I think is really cool because I just want to get the message in people’s head. The album is dropping October 23rd.

JET: Leave us with a word of inspiration.

Royce Lovett: Everybody is looking for 3 things: love, purpose and security. You won’t be able to obtain all of them, so I would always start with love. Showing love, giving love, and finding out who is love, which is God. In there you find your purpose and security.

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