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Giving You the Gospel: Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin is back on top with his chart-topping singles, “Wanna Be Happy” and “123 Victory” flooding the airwaves with Jesus joy! The award-winning icon admitted that he waited 4 years and 9 months due to the music scene shifting and a “fear of failing and losing my self-glorified top position.” Well, it was definitely f.e.a.r.—false evidence appearing real.

The musical maestro’s latest CD entitled, “Losing My Religion” marks his 11th consecutive #1 debut which features gospel divas Tamela Mann, Tasha Cobbs, Kim Burrell, Tasha Page-Lockhart and Lalah Hathaway. Also, the lead single “Wanna’ Be Happy” recently received a Grammy Award for Best Gospel Performance and Stellar Award for Inspirational Urban Single or Performance.

Always cutting edge, Franklin’s music reflects his heart while boldly confronting the status quo of the church.

“Religion is not enough. Just like a marriage does not guarantee intimacy, religion does not guarantee relationship,” Franklin said. “Many people outside the church view God like a school principal with a ruler ready to crack down on them for breaking rules. Some don’t even know that God is their Heavenly Father.”

Recently, the super producer shared “real talk” on why the church needs to lose religion when he explained his controversial apology to the gay community and the making of a good marriage. 

On his apology to Black gays on behalf of the church:

“The Black church would allow musicians and singers that we knew were gay [to] serve and minister. Then let them sit there while we preach ‘Adam and Steve’ sermons and embarrass them instead of taking truth in love and sharing the process of sanctification.

I was in church and before I got married, I was hyper sexually active. I went through the choir, dating the girls and what I did was pushed aside. No one dealt with mine…but the gay choir director would get bashed. We must deal with truth, but not with a posture of hate. He that wins a soul is wise. I apologized for all of the mean and cruel things that young man or woman heard. What good is coming out of embarrassing them?”

On the decline of marriage in today’s society:

“Maybe we need to better mirror marriage. Ladies, men want to marry their home girl. They want to feel like they are going to have a good experience in marriage. They want to see others who are married having fun and enjoying their marriage. They want to feel the same type of fun that they feel when they are watching a game.

On the importance of recognizing sexual soul ties:

“I wish someone had discipled me. You don’t know how much luggage I have carried my whole life because nobody discipled me and taught me the consequences [of] sexual sins [and that they] will go with you for the rest of your life. It’s like the good ole boys club where prior to marriage, men slept around. They aren’t told that type of lifestyle doesn’t prepare a man properly for a marriage. By the time that boy gets married, he doesn’t understand the sanctity of marriage. With that mentality, many men mess up the marriage that they get into because one woman cannot do the work of ten women. Those are ten spirits you have to kill or you will destroy a good marriage because of your past.”

Kirk Franklin is scheduled to kick off “The Franklin World Tour—20 Years in One Night” on March 15th. Visit for more information.