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Giving You The Gospel: Kelly Price

“This is really just the beginning. I really haven’t lived yet…I’m just getting started, and I’m excited about what’s next!” – Kelly Price

The last 90 days for Kelly Price have not been easy! Transition and loss has hit her in every area of her life, but she is rising through it all by the grace of God.

Although it has been a crazy ride, Kelly is confident that God is setting her up for new blessings. New music, opportunities in TV & Film, along with a new business venture are all just a taste of what is next on the horizon for Kelly Price! Kelly speaks with JET about how her faith has been holding her together. She also shares a few life lessons that she has learned. 

JET: Online, you’ve declared that 2016 is going to be “Amazing!” Tell us about that. What do you have planned?

Kelly Price: 2016 is going to bring some amazing music! I have Volume 2: Pray of the three-volume
series, Sing, Pray, Love coming! I am also starting something new. After a number of years of learning and falling and bumping my head, I’ve figured out a formula for signing artists and putting them out! Andre aka Andre the Writer aka Playboy Dre, [is] extremely talented and will be the first of [a few] artists who I’ll be working with. I want a few people who I can mentor, guide their careers and push them into mega success! So I’m not really looking for a lot of people, I’m looking for the right people!

JET: New music and a new business venture -that is amazing! You have so many gifts and talents that people have yet to see! We can’t wait to hear more about that.

Kelly Price: Thank you! Yes! There is a lot.

JET: Let’s talk about your new music a little more. What has been the inspiration behind this
upcoming project?

Kelly Price: Life! A few years ago, I saw the movie Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts and it spoke to me. She was at a time in her life where she had some decisions to make, to either really really live or continue to exist inside of a safe zone. Going through some changes of my own and getting closer and closer to 40, I was thinking a lot about life. My children are all grown up and now leaving the house, so I have been “empty nesting.” Now, I’m in the middle of a divorce after 25 years in a relationship and 23 years of marriage. But, I’m more excited about life than ever! I’m not saying this to downplay a long-term relationship coming to an end, because it’s a travesty no matter what…even if it’s for the better. But, I’m excited about what lies ahead. I think probably the best thing about that happening at this point is that I was really young when I got married. I’ve been married for 23 years, but I’m 42. So, I have more life in front of me then I have behind me. So, I’m excited about that!

JET: Your last single was “It’s My Time.” It sounds like you are still choosing to believe that even with all of the transition in your life right now…

Kelly Price: Yes! Absolutely! It’s still my time and now more so than ever!. At this stage in life, I say, “I’m too young to be old and numb, but I’m too old to be young and dumb.” The mistakes of 20-year-old Kelly… 25, 30, 35-year-old Kelly…even 40-year-old Kelly. Today, at 42 years old, I won’t do what I did at 40. I am “too old to be young and dumb,” but I am “too young to be old and numb.” So, here I am. I have the best of everything right now because I still have the energy and I still have the chutzpah, and the “want to” to live life really well!

JET: You recently had a loss as well. You have a “pinned tweet” on your Twitter in honor of your sister…

Kelly Price: Actually, you’re the first that I’m telling this to. I lost my sister on April 20th, which was Easter Sunday last year, and I literally had just been cleared to travel for her funeral because I had a hysterectomy not 30 days prior to that. It was a lot to deal with literally within a 4-5 week span! We had her funeral on the 27th, and I traveled back from New York to Los Angelos on the 28th. I dropped off one suitcase, picked up another, then I hit the promo road because I had four weeks until it was time to release Sing, Pray Love Vol:1 after that. So, I came out of the hospital, I buried my sister…and I went right into promo. And I did it all really numb because there was no time to feel or to think. I just had to do it.

JET: It’s amazing to hear you staying so positive even in the midst of so much transition! How does your faith and your relationship with God help you during this time?

Kelly Price: Yes. My faith and my relationship with God was challenged through all of it. But, my faith in God is the biggest thing that is holding me together right now. Otherwise, I would probably be falling apart. I met my husband when I was 13 years old. So, he’s literally (outside of my blood relatives), the longest standing relationship that I’ve had in my life. Even with knowing that our marriage was done a long time ago, I just needed to have the courage to get up, walk away and start again. My faith is everything in that because even though my children are young adults now (21 and 23 years old), all they know is Mom and Dad together. So I’m dealing with that. I’m also dealing with the fact that my husband was also my manager for my entire career. So, now I’m gutting my business and starting all over again. From this one decision comes change in every area. It’s a needed change, but it’s still change.

JET: We are so inspired by you and everything that’s in you! In addition to new music, mentoring new artists, you are now stepping into TV, Film and writing?! We can’t wait to hear the updates for all of this.

Kelly Price: Absolutely! I can’t say much until I sign my contract. But, we should have an update coming very soon! We’ll have to reach out to you to share it!

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