Giving You the Gospel: A Word with Tye Tribbett

It’s award season…and Motown Gospel recording artist, Tye Tribbett, is in receiving mode.

On the heels of winning Best Male Vocalist at the Stellar Awards, he also scooped up two precious gold trophies during the 56th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday for Best Song—”If He Did It Before (Same God)” and Best Gospel Album—Greater Than (Live).


“It’s too much to digest—it was my birthday yesterday (Jan. 26), and I am really just overwhelmed right now and I’m humbled. I was up all night screaming…just random screaming,” admitted Tribbett, who is now 38.  “Whoever was next to me, I totally scared them every time and I’m still excited. This is definitely the year of greater things.”

Interestingly, the title of his award-winning album—Greater Than–is quite appropriate in that blessings have been nonstop with his first-ever Soul Train Award for Best Gospel/Inspirational Performance last month.

A full-fledged minister for 10 years, Tribbett shared how the genesis of the album developed well over two years ago.

“I was actually preparing for a Bible study and the scripture came up and said ‘Greater is He that is in you than He that is in the whole world,'” confided the New Jersey native.  “I said ‘Wow, if  you have God on your side, you have a presence that is greater than anything you may face outward or inwardly whether stress, depression, opposition or trials…you always have this anchor of hope who is God himself.’ So I wanted to kinda scream that to everyone.  In any situation, a setback, a failure or loss of a love one, as difficult as times may be or can get… there is still someone greater than everything and not far away. He’s right there in your heart and I wanted to scream that on this album and I think we did that.”

The energetic artist is equally excited about the process of the independent project which was recorded in Miami and L.A.: “I said let’s pick the best of both performances and put them on DVD and make it happen.”

Tribbett also took time to share pearls of wisdom with independent artists.

“A lot of people are taking what happened to me as a testament of what can happen to them and an aspect of that is true,” he exclaimed. “I did this album, the first one I ever did on my own, and we got two Grammy awards, a Soul Train Award and a Stellar. But I did it after being under a label and producers for 10 years. I think we need to have a little more humility in our approach, we have the creativity, the energy, we got the talent, but we don’t have the wisdom. My prayer is that we continue to flow under those two and remain teachable. Yes, I did it on my own, but I was submissive.  I had advice and mentorship from other producers. Don’t think you can do it solely on your own. Don’t have that arrogance and I think that will make us a stronger generation.”

To date, the crowning glory of his career has been evident with the most coveted trophies in music and the singer was overcome in a spirit of gratitude, “My favorite song today is track two, ‘You Are Everything’ said it all,” he shared.  “Because of my gratitude to how my weekend was—God, You allowed me to have this moment, you allowed me to be recognized for this gift that You gave me—that’s such an amazing privilege. That’s why I feel this way.”

In the meantime, get ready for a summer tour, acting and television, “I’m excited about this season—I’m excited about the possibilities,” said Tribbett.

Also, in parting, I’d like to give kudos to the amazing Tasha Cobbs on her Grammy for Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance for “Break Every Chain.” Shout outs to Chicago’s Percy Bady and Donald Lawrence on their Grammy noms as well.

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