Get Ready To ‘Rebel’ With BET’s New Web-Series ‘I Need A Rebel’ Before John Singleton Drops His New Badass Series

"Rebel" pilot episode. (Photo: Prashant Gupta/BET)

We know you’ve seen the commercials and the trailers for this new show! Legendary director John Singleton is about to drop his new television series Rebel on BET, and we are hype.

A neo-noir thriller with a Black female detective at the center, Rebel looks like she’s a mix between Shaft and Luke Cage‘s Misty Knight. With her glossy fro and badass attitude, Rebecca “Rebel” Knight (Danielle Moné Truitt) is about to wield her power as a private detective, the same way that white cops have done for decades. Homegirl is all about busting heads and asking questions later. Ahead of the series premiere on Tuesday, March, 28th, BET is launching a new web series, I Need A Rebel, to get viewers familiar with Rebel and the cast of characters in her native Oakland, California.

All six episodes of the web series will be available at tomorrow March 14th, and you can also watch them on the BET Now App, so grab your iPads and your tablets! The description for I Need A Rebel says, “On one night, in the city of Oakland, four locals, a DA, a family man, a college student and a young woman find their problems impossible to escape. Over the course of the night at The Last Chance bar, their lives will intersect with deadly consequences. There is only one person who can help them…Rebel, a female private investigator who is as hard on crooked cops as she is on criminals, and could be just a phone call away.”

Check out the dark trailer fo the web series below.

BET has been on a roll lately with their fantastic original programming. We still have the music scenes from The New Edition Story on repeat, and if you haven’t seen Anika Noni Rose slay on The Quad, you’ve been SLEEP. With John Singleton now in the fold with Rebel, BET is making sure that it’s not going to be lost in this age of prolific Black film and television programming.

Will y’all be watching I Need A Rebel and Rebel? You probably should.