Gary, Indiana to Name School After Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s hometown of Gary, Indiana is honoring the late pop star in a very special way by renaming one of its high schools after him, according to the Post Tribune.

The Gary Community School Board approved a memorandum of understanding with the King of Pop’s mother, Katherine Jackson, on Tuesday. The agreement states that the district wants to inspire children to excel in the arts and education.

“A close relationship with the Jackson family to improve the quality of programs for the Gary Community School Corp. can mean tremendous gains for the school district and the city as a whole,” said Community School Corp. Superintendent Cheryl Pruitt.

While officials have yet to decide which school will bare the late pop star’s name, Roosevelt High School, which sits behind the famous Jackson family home, is a top contender.

Jackson did not attend the school, but he did perform on its auditorium stage in a local talent show with his brothers. He also received an honorary diploma and a hat and leather letterman’s jacket that read “To the King of Pop, a true Panther” from the high school during a 2003 visit.