Gabrielle Union Fights From the Sidelines

It’s no secret that Gabrielle Union rides for her man D.Wade. She’s admitted in past interviews how obsessive and even taunting she can become when it comes time for her hubby to hit the paint and go basket-for-basket with any opposing team.

She’ll ride Wade if he’s not playing to his potential and then turn around and flip out on a referee for a bogus call or non-call for that matter.

The latter recently sent the Mrs. on a Twitter rampage.

Her series of tweets came after a referee failed to call a foul against the Charlotte Hornets for knocking Dwyane Wade to the floor as drove to the hoop.

While Gabs took to Twitter, Wade took it straight to the ref displaying his furry about the obvious contact and lack of a call.

The fiery tweets continued …

Her verbal encounters during the game aren’t always this confrontational though. Sometimes, the Being Mary Jane star brings her sense of humor and playful demeanor to the courts too. Check out this comical clip from 2015.