Gabby Douglas Talks TV

Few young ladies possess 18-year-old Gabby Douglas’ discipline, drive and talent. After wowing spectators at the 2012 Olympics, the champion gymnast has been busying herself doing all the things expected of young superstar athletes. JET magazine talks to the Olympian about life as an all-star teen.

JET: Tell us a little bit more about The Gabby Douglas Story.

Gabby Douglas: Lifetime approached my team, well, my momager, about the opportunity and I said yes because it sounded like a really cool opportunity to see my life on film. I also wanted people to see the obstacles that I’ve overcome and the ups and downs because the road to your goals is not always easy. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to share it too, so it could help people who are going through challenges.

JET: What are some of the things we’ll see?

GD: They’ll get to see the spirit of my family, gymnastics of course. They will also get to see some the obstacles, like when I was little I had a blood disease. My family and I also lived in a van for three months when I was baby. We weren’t the richest family so there were lots of financial problems, my mother had to work a lot of shifts. And you’ll see a lot of the sacrifices she made to keep me in gymnastics, like selling her jewelry. That meant so much to me. She sacrificed pretty much everything she had to keep me training so I could go after my goals. I’m grateful.

JET: What’s next for you?

GD: I just started training and I’m so excited about getting back out there and competing in 2014, hopefully that will happen. And I’m already training for 2016 Olympics. I’m in the gym six days a week, 4-6 hours a day. I’m also a senior in high school and looking forward to graduation. I’m not sure what I want to do when I’m done with gymnastics. I’ve done some acting, like a cameo on The Vampire Diaries. I love being in front of the camera and off camera. I did radio today and I love that, too. It’s really cool.


– Watch The Gabby Douglas Story on Lifetime and follow Gabby on Twitter at @gabrielledoug.