Clip Tease: It’s Graduation Day for Gabby Douglas

We’ve been a fan of Gabby Douglas’ journey as an Olympic gold medalist since she burst on the scene. Her skill and determination gives us more than enough reasons to applaud and wildly root for her success.

But where’s there success, sacrifice is not far behind. For Gabby, that meant her childhood was different than most. For example, the school dances, big games, and dates that made up a huge part of our tween and teen memories weren’t a part of Gabby’s coming-of-age experience. Instead, there was training, practice, competitions, and more practice.

Now, it’s graduation time, and in an upcoming episode of Oxygen’s #DouglasFamilyGold, the 2012 Summer Olympic Games winner is debating whether or not to grant her mother’s wish and walk across the stage, or skip it and keep her focus on winning the gold once again.

Watch the teaser below to see what she decides.

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