Fruitvale Station: Will You See It?

Courtesy of The Weinstein Company

Just as another case involving an unarmed Black male being murdered goes into jury deliberation, we have an opportunity to look back and reflect on another young man gone too soon over an alleged misunderstanding.

Today, in selected cities of San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, the award-winning Fruitvale Station hits the big screen.  This critically acclaimed film, written and directed by first-timer Ryan Coogler, is attracting attention because it stars Oscar winner Olivia Spencer and is a breakout vehicle for the talented (and telegenic) Michael B. Jordan.

But it also trains an unblinking light on the issue of how our society views our minority youth, as we re-live the day before the death of a defenseless Grant at the hands of a Bay Area Rapid Transit officer who on New Year’s Day of 2009, claimed he mistook his pistol for a Tazer.

The case draws disturbing parallels to the Trayvon Martin trial, which JET has been following and covering diligently on this site, and doubtless “Fruitvale Station” will generate a lot of conversation and even controversy. Check out these two clips from our YouTube channel.

Tell us: Are you going to go see “Fruitvale Station” this weekend?  Or will you see it when it opens nationwide on July 26? How do you feel this film’s subject matter can move the subject of race in this country forward?