‘Friday’: The British Version

By// Raven Craig

Everybody loves Friday, including the United Kingdom. British director Sebastian Thiel has re-created snippets of the original Friday film that will be released every Friday if viewership is high.

The Grio reports, Friday UK stars Babatunde Aleshe as Craig Jones, Ice Cube’s original role, and Tolu Ogunmefun as Smokey, first played by Chris Tucker. Various other English and Nigerian actors make up the rest of the cast.

The spoof has been well-received thus far. The trailer, posted two weeks ago on YouTube, has over 42,000 views. But keep in mind this is a spinoff of the original Friday, so details will not be completely identical. Friday UK begins with the disclaimer:

“This video has been made as a UK Tribute to the 1995 American Classic Friday. There will be NO Feature Film of Friday UK but we do hope you enjoy this spinoff trailer and the future clips released. Major respect to all the original creators of Friday, for creating such a classic. ”

So, die-hard Friday fans, let your guards down.