Free Breezy? Chris Brown Stuck in Philippines

Chris Brown is stuck in the Philippines. It isn’t because his flight was cancelled or bad weather permitted his plane from taking off. The star can’t depart, because he allegedly owes somebody money.

Say what?

You read correctly. According to CNN, Breezy has been barred from leaving the country, because a religious group there alleges he broke a contract stating he would perform at a concert.

Since the “Liquor” singer reportedly didn’t attend, he must cough up an unknown amount of change to settle the dispute.

The 26-year-old returned to the Philippines this week for a show that took place Tuesday night. When he attempted to board a jet Wednesday morning en route to Hong Kong for another show, he, along with his promoter, was slapped with an order from the Bureau of Immigration.

To exit the country, the entertainer must pay his debt or request a clearance certificate approved by the Philippines’ Justice Department.

The chart-topper might be in state of shock and confusion. He seemingly took to Instagram to address the situation, jokingly captioning a video with “Obama!!!!!!!”

Cry for help, perhaps?


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