Yes, Frank Ocean Finally Dropped an Album

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean fans got a little gift late Thursday night, but it wasn’t the one they expected. After telling supporters that his long awaited Boys Don’t Cry album would be dropping two weeks ago, whipping the music world into a frenzy, the time flew by and Ocean’s devotees were left without any new songs.

Now, they’ve got a visual album called Endless

Endless is a 45-minute experience that shows Ocean building a staircase in the middle of an barren warehouse, while his (new!) music plays in the background. The extended clip counts 18 songs in total, including “Alabama,” U-N-I-T-Y,” “Commes Des Garcons,” “Wither,” “In Here Somewhere,” “Sideways,” “Mine,” “Hublots,” “Slide on Me,” “Florida,” “Deathwish (ASR),” “Rushes,” “Rushes To” and “Higgs.” There is also a stripped down cover of the Isley Brothers’ “At Your Best” and two interludes.

Endless isn’t the album Ocean fans expected, but they’re loving it just the same. Over on Twitter, Frank’s long-suffering supporters rejoiced that they finally had something new to listen to–and the best part, they’re feeling it too.