It’s Friday And STILL No Frank Ocean Music…

Remember earlier this week when the Internet was going crazy because Frank Ocean was expected to FINALLY drop his much anticipated follow-up album to 2012’s Channel Orange?

Yeah well it looks like we’re back on a mission to #FindFrank, because it’s Friday and the album is a no-show.

And here’s where social media kicks in with its expertise in petty and comedy.

Snapchat, still managing to uphold its identity after Instagram swooped in and legit stole their business model, switched up their filter game with a load of Frank Ocean funnies.

Look Frank, the mystery and hype building around your music is growing pretty stale and you know, humans have a short attention span so release the music while folks still care.

Frank’s sophomore album, Boys Don’t Cry, was expected to be released today via Apple Music and as of 1:36 p.m. CST…it’s still a negative.