Franchesca Ramsey Just Snagged Her Own Comedy Central Show

Franchesca Ramsey has been a rising star in entertainment for years, and she’s finally getting her own well-deserved mega platform.

The writer, actress, and vlogger who also goes by the name ChescaLeigh has been tackling tough issues concerning race and pop culture on her wildly popular YouTube Channel.

MTV finally took notice of Ramsey back in 2015 when they scooped her up to become the host of the MTV web series, Decoded. The Webby-nominated show explores LBGTQ rights issues, the perils of the severely disadvantaged in this country, race, celeb culture and so much more. Last year Ramsey joined Comedy Central’s now-canceled series, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore as a contributor and writer.

It looks like the 33-year old isn’t done with Comedy Central just yet. Vanity Fair has just reported that Ramsey will be helming a brand new show which is still untitled. The activist plans to round up “the most diverse set of comedians on TV” to “heal America through brutal comedy, surprising guests, and breakdowns of the most pressing cultural issues you never knew you cared about.”

Not only will Ramsey be the boss of her own series, but she will also serve as executive producer for the show. With her brains and witty humor, we are sure that the show will be picked up to series in no time. Ramsey’s show will join a new series on Comedy Central that has already been picked up to air. The New Negroes is “a socially aware stand-up and musical series showcasing a collection of new and established comedians.” Will you be turning into to Comedy Central for all of this amazing new material?