Forget All Of The Other Podcasts Out There! This Is The ONE Podcast You Must Subscribe To Right Now!

In the three years since Kid Fury and Crissle started their weekly podcast, The Read, they have turned their shade-filled rants into an op-ed art form.

Forget the thousands of podcasts that are currently cluttering cyberspace, and tune into comedian Kid Fury and blogger Crissle’s brutally honest and hilariously raunchy podcast, The Read.

Since January of 2013, the two friends have been commenting on popular culture, racism, LGBTQ rights, and keeping it all the way one hundred with their listeners. The duo has just celebrated their fourth anniversary in New York City with a sold-out show of 1,500 people. After all this time, their podcast each week still comes to their audience like a breath of fresh air.

Broken down into four sections, The Read begins with “Black Excellence,” which highlights one fantastic Black person anywhere around the globe who is killing the game. The second section, which covers Black Entertainment (Kid Fury is currently calling it, “The Trash”), will keep you up-to-date on celebrity feuds, trending news, and reality series like Love & Hip-Hop and The Real Housewives of Atlanta. It’s so entertaining that you won’t even need to be a fan of the TV shows to keep up. The third section (one of our personal favorites because it inspired the infamous “Smell & Taste” episode) lets listeners get super personal. Fans write in asking Crissle and Fury’s opinions on everything from their romantic lives to career choices. Disclaimer: If you write in, don’t expect to be coddled and have your hand held; Fury and Crissle are known for giving it to you straight with no chaser. The final section, “The Read” which inspired the name of the podcast, is when Crissle and Fury sound off on something that has been eating away at them for the week. From Chase Bank to New York City winters, nothing is off limits for these two. “Reading” as Crissle often says, “is fundamental.”

With a massive following and over two hundred thousand plays per episode on Sound Cloud alone, The Read isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Before starting The Read and moving to NYC, Kid Fury was a Miami-based comedian with a solid following on YouTube. He burst onto the scene with his viral and HILARIOUS video, “S**t Black Gays Say” back in 2011. Crissle, an Oklahoma native, was well-known for her outlandish and commanding statements on Black Twitter. She moved to NYC around the same time as Fury, and The Read was born. While Fury is touring the country with his standup show Furious Thoughts Live, Crissle is now a regular contributor on MTV2’s Uncommon Sense with Charlemagne the God. She has also been seen on Comedy Central’s Drunk History.

As they continue to grow with live shows across the globe, merchandise, sponsorships, and 200+ episodes under their belts, Kid Fury and Crissle are still as real and as honest as they were on day one. If you haven’t been listening to The Read each weekwhat are you waiting for?! Check it out on iTunes here.