‘Food Grails’ Is The Perfect Series For Foodies

Complex’s new series Food Grails will spark major conversations about food and culture.

Though we don’t think about it as we stuff our faces, the foods we gravitate toward often have something to do with our cultural identity. Complex’s new series, Food Grails explores the convergence of pop culture, race, and class and how all of these things merge to create an urban city’s identity.

From beef patties to po’ boys, Food Grails host Miss Info will stop in major cities across the country to discuss the deep roots that food has within our various cultures. She said of the series, “Food Grails is our field trip to meet the people and places that are passionate about what’s on their plates, whether it’s been on the menu for years or just weeks. I can’t wait to explore it all with the audience.”

The pilot episode discusses the infamous Los Angeles taco and the young Black entrepreneurs in South LA who are remixing the traditionally Mexican cuisine to give it a spin of their own. Upcoming episodes include the infamous Chicago mild sauce and Atlanta’s beloved lemon pepper wet. Seriously, if you can make it through just one episode of this series without salivating, then you deserve all of the awards.

From Los Angeles Times food critic Jonathan Gold to rappers, Waka Flocka, Rick Ross and Wale everybody has something to say about their hometown’s traditions. Food Grails goes way beyond the plate and into the foods that really make people feel.

Catch Food Grails every other Wednesday on First We Feast’s YouTube channel at 11 AM ET.

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