Focus Flip: Full-Time Student to Become Model

This Insta-fame trend has folks going all out for their dream career.

After full-time veterinary student Josett Latrice received a “like” from Cleveland Cavaliers’ baller Lebron James on Instagram, it was enough for the college undergrad to pursue a career in modeling.

“This is definitely a sign from God. He wants me to be a model,” she told TMZ.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 10.21.53 AM

The ambition and desire is great, but is it really worth fully leaving behind a future career as a veterinarian?

There is a way to make both goals work for you. Study, work, and hustle. As this story circulates the Interwebs with light-hearted scrutiny, pay attention to an underlying ideology here: “a celebrity liked my Instagram picture and now I’m flipping my focus.”

True, we don’t know Latrice’s story, background, or anything for that matter, so there’s no room for judgment. Do you, be happy. But also, be realistic.