FLOTUS catches Flack for “Black Girls Rock” Appearance

Ah, well looky here…White people are in their feelings about the “Black Girls Rock” event that took place over the weekend which also included a guest appearance by First Lady Michelle Obama.

A field of complaints were left on the FLOTUS’s Instagram, that was managed by her Personal Aide, Kristin Jones during the celebration.

Apparently the #BlackGirlsRock theme is racist. Ha, who knew?

Oh, and just to give you a sample of the twisted commentary:

“It’s racist. It would not have been racist if you had created one for every race. But no just for your race. It’s racist,” retorted one commenter.

Another: “If this was ‘white girls rock’ there would be a riot. So Dumb.”

Sadly, these white folks are missing the point. Fact: Black people and other persons of color are making headlines for being part of a “new Hollywood trend.” Notice that conversations are not focused on the talent of actors and actresses of color, but as an ignorant Deadline reporter views it, the fact that their presence across televised and film mediums may becoming too much.

Think about it.

Shows such as “Black Girls Rock” are created to uplift, empower and highlight major accomplishments happening in Black culture. Black men aren’t complaining. Why are you?

We have to create such programming because we do not enjoy the 9 o’clock news being our only time to shine on mainstream television – sans the positive story. There’s more to Black culture. More to women.

So, go ahead and create your “White Women Rock” event and continue to gain clout, as you’re so used to receiving.

Let us have our celebrations and honors, peacefully.

The nerve. I am completely convinced that White people just don’t understand.