Oprah Winfrey Network announced today it has given an eight-episode series order to “Flex & Shanice,” a weekly one-hour docu-series which follows the lives of husband and wife, actor Flex Alexander (“One on One”) and 90s pop singer Shanice (“I Love Your Smile”), and their extended family, all of whom live together under one roof.

The Oprah Winfrey Network has announced that it will add a new show, Flex & Shanice, to its Saturday night lineup. The show, which follows the lives of husband-and-wife duo actor Flex Alexander from One on One and ’90s pop singer Shanice of “I Love Your Smile,” is scheduled to air this fall.

Flex & Shanice will chronicle the ups and downs of the two celebrities as they face their little known “career stumbling blocks.” After hitting financial rock bottom and moving into a rental home with their two children, Shanice’s “momager” Crystal and four others, the couple turned their home into a spectacle.

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