“Flex & Shanice” Docu-series Premieres on OWN

If you enjoyed the pilot episode of Flex and Shanice that aired earlier this year, you’re in luck because the family of eight will premiere its full season this Saturday on the OWN Network.

The “Flex & Shanice” docu-series follows the ups, downs, laughs, and trials of comedian Flex Alexander and wife, recording artist Shanice Wilson. Along for the emotional and often humorous reality TV journey are their two children, and extended family.

As a unit, the couple expresses that even in the midst of Hollywood and gaining accolades trials will test your inner-most strength and faith in love, career and life.

When battling the storm with a spouse, children and a Hollywood spotlight, the layers of adversity can drift the union. For some, it makes the commitment even stronger – especially when you are able to laugh and sing through it all.

On a recent visit to JET, through genuine embraces and candid conversation, Flex and Shanice dished on keeping their love strong and valuable lessons being taught to their children.

JET: Shanice, what is one of the funniest things Flex has said or done that instantly changed the mood during a challenging time?

Shanice: Flex is a comedian first. So even during our hardest times, he’d find comedy in just everything. Sometimes he’ll just break out into a song. (laughs) Even when he proposed to me he stood on top of a table and sang ‘You are so beautiful’ to me.

Flex: Yeah that’s some comedy there!

JET: Flex, what is one thing that Shanice can do or say that instantly brings a smile to your face?

Flex: It’s probably cliche but ….her smile. It’s warming and giving.

Shanice: Aww you love my smile, you never told me that.

JET: Both: What lessons, morals and values do you think will be instilled in your children from this experience?

Flex: Just to not be embarrassed about who you are and what you’re going through because it could help someone.This has become cathartic for us to talk about it and to put it in motion and act it out so, if it’s anything we could be teaching them, it’s to be proud of who you are, no matter what.

Shanice: Be proud of who you are and keep pushing through. Not to ever give up. Because just think if we would’ve given up we wouldn’t be where we are now. We wouldn’t be here. I believe prayer is the key.

JET: You all seem more rooted and stronger – most would find it hard to battle storms and come out as an even tighter unit. What are some ways that you all stayed uplifted and inspired by the talents that initially led you to stardom?

Flex: Prayer and staying positive and just looking at our kids knowing we have to do this for them. We just threw everything out the window and do what we have to do. Whether it’s borrowing $20 for gas to get to an audition or whatever, it’s just like I have to do this.

Shanice: We just made sure that we stayed diligent and made sure that they always had. We have to do this for our babies.

“Flex & Shanice” premieres Saturday, November 1st on the OWN Network, 10pm ET/PT.

Get a glimpse of the ride ahead below!