Flavor Flav to Plead Not Guilty in Battery Case

Flavor Flav
Flavor Flav

By// Chandler Rollins

Tony Abbatangel, Flavor Flav’s attorney appeared in court on Monday on the former rapper’s behalf. Flav was arrested last week for allegedly assaulting his fiancee, Elizabeth Trujillo and her 17-year-old son, earning him a spot on our list of top celebrity fails. In an interview with AP Abbatangel says that Flav intends to plead not guilt to the charges against him  and hopes to make amends with Trujillo, despite the incident.

“They’ve been together a long time, and they want to work this out. We want what’s best for the family,” he said.

Flavor (born William Drayton Jr.) faces battery, criminal domestic violence and assault charges. If convicted Drayton is looking at six years in prison for the felony charges and six months for the domestic battery charge.

The next hearing in his case is scheduled for Nov. 20.