Fitspiration With Triple Threat Shvona Lavette

Here at, we understand the importance of looking and feeling good. That’s why we like to tap into our various Exif_JPEG_PICTUREknowledgeable resources to see how they live their best fit lives. Enter Shvona Lavette. The actress, singer and songwriter recently released her latest EP, Gossamer, she’s busy doing reference tracks for the likes of Pharrell and, and she’s constantly traveling for performances and auditions. However, she still finds time to squeeze in her workouts.

We caught up with the triple threat to chat about her fitness regimen and her new music but she was also nice enough to send us some fitness videos created specifically with busy women in mind.

Read what she has to say and find out how you can get started.

How did you develop your passion for fitness?

As a child I was always in dance classes and things like that [but] I was an athlete as a teen. In high school I was on the gymnastics team, I was on the track team, so I was always pretty fit and into doing anything active, and then when I moved out to LA and pursued acting as a career and which in turn I’ve been pursuing music as a career—it’s the nature of the beast to stay in shape and be fit for your health and your endurance and for your appearance, so I always just kept up with it. I always felt like it was innate for me because I was an athlete as a teen. I kind knew what my body wanted or what it need to look a certain way or feel a certain way, so I’ve always implemented those tools. Most people have to find what works for them. Is it Pilates? Is it spinning? I always knew what worked for me, so I just stuck with that. And then that lead to me putting together small workout videos.

Walk us through what exactly does work for you and the concepts behind your videos?

What works for me is I always like to get something in daily, even if it’s like 15 to 25 minutes. I work on building muscle through lengthening, so I always go toward Pilates because it’s more of a lengthening exercise, and I always focus for maybe 10 minutes after I’ve done my Pilates work out on my arms. So that’s where the inspiration for the videos came from, because those are the things that women are concerned about, especially with things like our water retention, we go through our monthly, women are always concerned about that so that’s where the inspiration comes from. There’s the quick tips and women like you and me, we have schedules and we have lives and we have husbands so it’s, where do I fit this in to my 24 hour day? And that’s where me and my trainer Darci Mayan came up with those quick little tips you can take with you anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and you just get them in. Muscles remember, and many of us think we don’t have time to put in an hour and a half workout at the gym but you don’t need that. You can exhaust your muscles out for about a good 10 minutes while you’re focusing on doing some good breathing as you’re working out, make sure you’re eating right and it’s going to do the tricks.

What works for you in terms of nutrition, especially since you have a busy schedule?

I have a very particular diet but that’s because of my allergies. I don’t eat meat, I seldom eat fish and I don’t consume any dairy because I have an allergy to it. A lot of people have dairy allergies and don’t realize that they have dairy allergies and that’s when they have other problems that they don’t tie together with dairy. But for me, it’s maybe a little bit easier because I’ve been on that path for so long for about 15 or 16 years, so I know what king of situation I’m getting myself into. For instance, when I’m home it’s fine but when I travel I started eating fish about 10 years ago and that has helped tremendously and when I travel. I also take my supplements, so I’m always getting those nutrients and I always like to load up on omegas 3, 6 and 9, and lately I’ve been taking coconut oil and flax oil. I always take flax seed oil and stuff like that, multivitamins and stuff like that. I always make sure I take supplements in case I’m traveling or I know I can’t eat exactly what my body needs, and then I drink tons of water. I’m not into sugar I’m more of a salt person so I would never pick up a soda or a fruit juice or anything like that. Fruit juice, I love if it’s fresh squeezed. So those things help me. There are those weird natural things that I like and I don’t like.

You use a park in your videos but what can people do in order to turn their homes into a gym? 

They can do the same thing. We were just using a park to have natural light. But as long as you have enough space where you can spread your arms out in your room or your living room you can use your bed for arm press ups, or the back of a table, or the seat of a chair to do things like that. As long as you have the sensibilities to use space, cans and bottles, you can make it work and that’s what I’m trying to achieve through the video. You don’t really need much space you just need a little bit of time.

Shvona’s first workout video is  a 2 minute workout dedicated to the arms, which you can find by clicking here.

Visit Shvona’s official website for more on her music and how you can keep up with her on social media.