Filmmaker Wants To Create Movie About Ferguson

A Missouri-based filmmaker wants to make a movie about the events that took place in Ferguson last year.

And he wants your help to make it possible. Phillip Johnson is the founder of CMT-TV, a non-profit film production company. He started an Indiegogo campaign to seek funds for the project.

“I recall how great cities burned in the aftermath of the assassination of Dr. King, and the LA Riots that followed the Rodney King verdict,” Johnson wrote on the page’s description. “The passionate and angry aftermath of Michael Brown’s death awakened both St. Louis and the world to a variety of long standing and unresolved social justice issues. On my website I posted a series of #Ferguson Films, that provided insights and analysis as events unfolded. This is my last Ferguson Film which, will be presented in three vignettes.”

Johnson says the film, Fire this Time – A Ferguson Film Project, will capture “the movement through the eyes of the protesters and reporters whose narratives included arrest, teargassing, and bearing witness to the unprecedented militarization of urban police. It will also give a glimpse of the future’s movement and its challenges. Finally, the film will explore the movement’s impact on the lives of those involved.

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