Film Feud: Michael Rapaport vs. Spike Lee

When Spike Lee blasted fellow filmmaker Michael Rapaport in May, calling him “stupid” and ignorant about gentrification, many of us thought the dust would settle eventually.

But the feud continues as Hitch actor Rapaport has fired shots back at Lee with some very choice words in an interview with HuffPost Live. “When’s the last Spike Lee film you saw?” Rapaport asked the host. “Nobody goes to see them.”

Rapaport went on to call Lee a “s**t stain” and criticized his use of Kickstarter for an upcoming film. “Don’t give away buttons and t-shirts…Put the money up yourself. Take a mortgage out on your house!”

This whole fiasco began with Lee’s infamous rant about his opposition to gentrification in his home borough. Rapaport then derided Lee’s comments, saying that because “Spike lives on the Upper East Side,” his comments were baloney.


Both film notables are New York natives, with Rapaport hailing from Mannhattan and the Do The Right Thing director from Brooklyn.

YOUR TURN: Who’s side are you on? Is Michael Rapaport telling the truth about Spike Lee?