Fetty Wap: A Hip-Hop Feminist?

When it comes to lyricism, hip-hop and feminism aren’t often “buddy-buddy.”

It’s been a circulating topic in the music industry for years, with many accusing the genre of carrying a dismissive and derogatory attitude toward the feminine species.

Femcees, however, either change the conversation with their cocky, slick-talking rhymes or fall in line and claim their sexuality while delivering raw-in-your-face bars about their female “assets.”

Of course, neither scenario is the case all the time.

Legendary artist MC Lyte is actually speaking up for the men who play nice when it comes to hip-hop and the treatment of women. During the White House Council on Women and Girls, the Brooklyn-bred lyricists cited rapper Fetty Wap as being a hip-hop feminist.

“He may have a unique way in presenting his ideas, but he does love women,” she stated on the panel. “He’s being pretty courageous right now with what he presents in his music, because it’s really not the norm.”

If you’re scratching your head on this one, let’s put some of his lyrics in context.

In his song “Again” the “Trap Queen” rapper rhymes:

I want you to be mine again baby
I know my lifestyle is driving you crazy
I cannot see myself without you

Baby, can you understand I’m a young n—- living
Coming from the trap, all a n—- know is get it
I ain’t chasing no [expletive], girl I’m talking ‘bout the digits

As Lyte mentioned, it’s a “unique presentation,” but delivered without disrespect.

With artists such as J.Cole, Wale and Talib Kweli to name a few, serving up respect and adoration for women in their lyrics, do you think more artists will take a “feminist” approach in hip-hop, or is it a bit of wishful thinking?

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