Felonious Munk Calls for #BlackLoveDay!

Comedian Felonious Munk is on to something with a hashtag, #BlackLoveDay, which encourages folks to showcase their happy relationship!

The growing tag was created after one of his comedy shows where he gushed about his wife and their peaceful relationship. The turning point of his night happened when he was asked by numerous people if his wife was “white” simply because the two of them got along so well.

Yep. Sour note.

After recounting the evening via a Twitter thread, he concluded by dismissing the overdone stereotype of the “angry Black woman.” C’mon guys this label does not truly reflect the Black woman by any means. So, what do creative minds do? Channel the negative into something beautiful and thus, #BlackLoveDay was born and people are so here for it!

Some of our favs below:

Clap it up for Black Love and keep up with the thread here!