‘Famous In Love’s Pepi Sonuga Is One To Watch

Pepi Sonuga moved from Lagos, Nigeria to Los Angeles, California at the age of 11 to pursue her Hollywood dreams.

Since then, the model/actress has been Miss Teen Los Angeles, had guest starring roles on Ash v. Evil Dead and The Fosters and has done a ton of modeling with major clients like Forever 21 and Sketchers. However, the Nigerian-American actress’ new role as Tangey Turner on Freeform’s Famous In Love has helped her sparkle in a whole new way.

Famous In Love which premiered on FreeForm yesterday, stars Bella Throne as Paige Townsen, an aspiring actress who gets thrust into the spotlight when she snags the lead role in the latest YA trilogy, Locked. In the series, Songua’s Tangey Turner is already a megastar pop singer who is desperate to break into the acting world.

Songua chatted with Teen Vogue about her character saying, “Tangey is definitely going to break the Hollywood-acting vibe we have [on the show]. In general, who she is, I’m proud of her, and I’m proud to be her and represent her because I think she’s someone that all girls can relate to. She’s a really strong woman, and she’s a good friend, and she’s a good person, and she just wants what’s best for herself and her brand. I think it’s going to be cool to see that sort of character on screen, strong but sweet. She has so many different layers; I love her.”

Though Songua adores her character, she also told Bustle that she relates to Thorne’s Paige the most as a young woman trying to navigate her way through the industry. She said, “[Paige] is sort of a newbie in this world, and I feel a lot like a newbie. You’ll see her struggle with things I struggled with in Hollywood. For example, ‘How do I make myself be known [without] losing who I am?’ I’m definitely Paige in this situation, trying to remain grounded and humble but also have my voice.”

As far as all of the various love triangles on the series goes, Songua has been vocal about shipping Tangey and Keith Powers’ Jordan Wilder, so we are definitely excited to see how that turns out.

Though Famous In Love just premiered, you can beinge watch the entire season already on Freeform On Demand.