Who Won?: 2 Chainz vs. Nancy Grace

A colorful and healthy debate between rapper and marijuana advocate 2 Chainz and the always aggressive Nancy Grace has the Internet buzzing with their #PotToBlame topic on her HLN show, Tuesday night.

During the night’s showdown, the legal analyst and hip-hop star went back and forth on the legalization of marijuana making arguable and valuable points.

Though Nancy was working hard to push her agenda and cast a negative light on 2 Chainz’s rap career, the Alabama State graduate (and standout student) held his own with composure and combated the moral attacks with substance, dishing out points such as while the drug is accessible, whether legal or not, legalizing marijuana could prevent wasting taxpayers money and reduce overcrowding in the prison system.

Nancy fought with the idea of simply eliminating the drug, cutting to clips of child use under parental supervision and unfortunate cases allegedly caused by smoking marijuana.

Watch the funny exchange below:

And the conversation continued via social media:

Commentary from viewers: