Exclusive: One on One With Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash has been a staple in film and television since the 90s, with endless memorable roles in some of our favorite films. Lately, Dash has been sharing her views about culture and society on FOX News, and while you may not agree with her views, she’s bold when standing by them.

JET caught up with Stacey for a quick chat about confidence, breaking barriers, and being an empowered woman.

JET: You stand confident in what you believe in. What’s your advice for women who don’t have such confidence yet, but want to be fearless in speaking up for themselves and their passions?

Stacey Dash: My advice to any woman is to figure out who you are and what you believe in. Then stand for it. No matter what.  No matter who persecutes you, who tells you are wrong or right. It doesn’t matter where you came from. It doesn’t matter who raised you. [All that] matters is who you are in your heart. You have to work hard and fight for what you believe in and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. [With] hard work and perseverance you can do it.

JET: What influenced you to make the transition from actress to activist? How did you find yourself over at FOX News?

Stacey Dash: Well first and foremost, I am still an actress. I’m not sure what an “activist” is.  I say what I think.  I stand by what I believe.  And because of it, I now get to voice my opinion on a national news network.  I love this country, but I’m still just a girl from the South Bronx.

JET: What do you think it means to be an empowered woman?

Stacey Dash: These days an empowered woman is someone who does not use her gender as an asset or a liability.  It’s someone that doesn’t feel necessary to begin a sentence, “As a woman…” An empowered woman, is a person who just gets it done.  No fear.  No excuses.

JET: Women are making great strides in fields across the board, what do you think the future holds for women striving to break barriers and ‘glass ceilings’?

Stacey Dash: See I don’t believe there are any barriers; I don’t believe there are any glass ceilings so if you don’t believe it’s there, what is there to stop you?

JET: Who’s the most influential woman in your life, and what valuable lessons have you learned from them?

Stacey Dash: It was my grandmother, she was the one who taught me, “you fight, you don’t run.” You don’t start fights you finish them, and that’s what I do. I fear nothing, by the grace of God.

JET: What your favorite?

Stacey Dash:

Song: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

Food: It was my grandmother’s french fries

Hobby: Horseback riding

Book: ‘The Fountain Head’ by Ayn Rand

Designer: Chanel

JET: What’s next for Stacey? Do you see yourself getting back into film or do you think you’ll continue in news media?

Stacey Dash: I never felt I left film.  I’m always looking for new projects and am now developing some of my own. If I have a complaint about Hollywood, it’s not about its supposed Liberalism (which is fake by the way, they are all Capitalists), it’s that they don’t know how to write strong female characters without falling into old stereotypes.

I’m also writing a book now called “There Goes My Social Life” which will be out this summer and I’ll stay with Fox News as long as they will have me. That is a great group of people to work with and I believe Roger Ailes is an absolute genius.