Clip Tease: Tyrese on Unsung Hollywood

TV One’s docu-series “Unsung Hollywood” is airing its back-to-back season finale episodes on Wednesday, March 25th.

Kicking the finale off with an in-depth look into the career of Richard Roundtree of Shaft fame, the second hour dives into the cult classic “Baby Boy” which launched a break-out career for Taraji P. Henson and still has everyone referring to Tyrese as ‘Jody’.

Written and directed by John Singleton, Baby Boy told the story of manhood and one’s choices as it relates to the journey of manhood. Living in South Central, L.A., Jody was faced with going the typical street route or becoming a man and taking care of and providing for his family.

With insight from Tyrese, Taraji and director John Singleton, the crew delivers a behind-the-scenes perspective of the film.

Check out a clip below and tune in to TVOne tonight!

TVOne: Unsung Hollywood finale kicks off at 8pm with Richard Roundtree and 9pm with Tyrese and the cast of Baby Boy.