Evelyn Lozada Returns To ‘Basketball Wives’ & It’s Going To Be Cray!

Evelyn Lozada has been adamant in the past about never returning to Basketball Wives. However, the reality star has returned for the sixth season of Basketball Wives, and she’s ready to settle a score. From the looks of it, this combined, Los Angeles and Miami season, is going to be more drama-filled and turbulent than ever.

Lozada stepped away from the Basketball Wives franchise back in 2013, and since then she has starred in the OWN reality series Livin’ Lozada and has served as a guest host on the talk show, The Real. Therefore, we’re somewhat shocked that the Brooklyn native has returned to her Basketball Wives roots, especially since her beef with Tami Roman is still alive and well.

Though the duo originally started off as friends, that all came to a screeching halt when Lozada revealed in season two of Basketball Wives that she’d slept with Tami’s ex-husband Kenny Anderson. After a heated fight, Lozada birthed the iconic quote, “You were a non mother*cking factor,” which lead to Roman muffing her in the face…cigarette included. The drama continued into the next season when Lozada began to profit off of her infamous phrase, and Roman felt like she was owed a cut. From there, things continued to escalate.

Now that Lozada has returned, executive producer of the show, Shaunie O’Neal is trying to play peacemaker, but it doesn’t seem like anyone is going for it. Instead, it looks like LA wives and the Miami wives might just come to blows.

Still, it won’t all be ratchet drama this season; we’ll watch 41-year old Lozada struggle with in vitro fertilization as well as Jackie Christie’s attempts to marry off her daughter.

From the looks of the trailer, this season of Basketball Wives is going to be a doozy. As the tagline says you either play or get played.

Basketball Wives premieres Monday, April 17th at 8 PM ET on VH1