Eve addresses her past liaison with Stevie J

Rapper Eve once dated new reality TV bad boy Stevie J from "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta." /AP Photo/Jason DeCrow, file

By// Kelley L. Carter

For all those who’ve scratched their heads, trying to figure out why on earth — and how on earth — rapper and actress Eve ever put up with newfound reality villain Stevie J from VH-1’s successful Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta series, she’s speaking up.

The rapper spoke during an “Intimate Hour” she hosted for high school girls in her hometown of Philadelphia.

When VH1 launched its spin-off of its down-South spin-off of its popular Love & Hip Hop series, everyone pretty much went in knowing three things about Stevie J.: he worked for Diddy at one point, produced a hit for Mariah Carey and dated Eve.

In the video clip, Eve is on stage being asked questions by an interviewer about her past relationship with the bad-boy womanizer (that we now love to hate).

She said that Stevie J was her first love, but says that it “was a learning experience. You meet people all the time. We just happened to fall in love. Umm, but thankfully I knew better, I know better, I am happily in love now. And the girl now [referring to herself] he couldn’t even see this,” she says while the audience burts into applause. “I would be like, ‘I’m sorry, we don’t speak the same language!’ But you know, it is what it is… That’s life. Sometimes you meet people who aren’t great for you, but thankfully I am in a different place.”

She also talked about the woman she is today.

She’s currently dating British entrepreneur Maximillion Cooper, and says now she knows better.

“When I was younger I didn’t question things, but now I am annoying! Like, if something doesn’t feel right speak up! If you feel like you are being lied to, speak up! If you feel like sexually he is trying to push you too fast, speak up,” she tells the young ladies. “And let me tell you something. Anybody who knows you’re worth it will stick around. They might not talk to you about it, but if they argue with you or if they call you a name or if they roll out, they are not meant to be in your life…”//